Senior Android Developer

  • Programming: 21 Years Experience (Self taught since Junior High – 2000)
  • Mobile: 14 Years Experience (Since Palm Pilot in 2007)
  • Android: 10 Years Experience (Since The Score in 2010)
  • Languages: Kotlin – 1.5 Years, Java – 13 Years
  • Lead: 6 Years of various team sizes from 1 to 20
  • Financial: 3 Years – Scotiabank, TD Universal App, uGo Wallet (TD and PCF), Central One
  • Multimedia: 2.5 years – The Score, Bell Media, Rogers Media
  • Patterns: MVVM, MVP, MVC, SOLID, Eventbus
  • Specialized Experience: Bluetooth, RFID, Encryption, Hybrid, RESTful APIs, PUSH
  • Testing: JUnit, Mockito, Espresso, Interceptors, Appium
  • Technologies: Git, Studio, Jira, Confluence, Hockey, Firebase, Jenkins, JavaDocs, SQL, Looper
  • Older Technologies: SVN, Eclipse, VS, Tracker, Crashlytics
Professional Experience
Senior Android Developer: Walmart Mar 2020 – Current
  • Android: Main responsibility was to add and fix Android features
  • Migration: Regularly assisted with migrating from native to React Native
  • Automation: We assisted with automated testing using Appium, and builds with Looper
Principle Android Developer: Trader Corp Jun 2019 – Nov 2019
  • Architect: Responsible for modularizing the codebase and designing new libraries
  • Android Lead: Mentor new and existing team members. Manage technical issues within team
  • Developer: Implement features (push, re-engagement), bug fixing, recommend improvements
Mobile Technical Lead: Scotiabank (Caribbean) Oct 2018 – Mar 2019
  • Lead: Lead technical discussions and solutions for a new mobile app
  • Team: Helped organize new team with agile practices and training related to mobile
  • Android: Architected Android codebase and best practices
  • Security: Scanned and implemented security features
Senior Android Developer / Team Lead: Compass Digital Mar 2017 – May 2018
  • Bonapp: Architect and implement menu and ordering app
  • Core Libraries: Created libraries to make components reusable and testable
Senior Android Developer / Team Lead: TD Canada Trust Aug 2016 – Feb 2017
  • Universal App: Helped lead a team to refactor UI to support tablet
  • DCX Liaison: SME for UI, created shared components from guide, addressed dev questions
  • Profile & Settings: Helped lead a team to add profiles and rewrite settings
Senior Android Developer: Bell Media Inc. May 2015 – Apr 2016
  • One Player: Rewrite and maintain video player library using best practices and design patterns
  • CTV, Discovery, Comedy, Space, TSN, RDS: Maintained and updated shared code base
  • TMN, BNN, CraveTV: Updated code base with One Player
  • Processes: Added tests, documentation, sample apps, and release notes to library
Android Developer: Normative Design Dec 2014 – Feb 2015
  • Pillar To Post: Wrote Android version of iOS real estate app
Android Developer: ClearBridge Mobile Inc. Apr 2014 – Nov 2014
  • USA Today: Updated and maintained app, enhanced user experience
Agile Engineer: Extreme Labs (Acquired by Pivotal Labs) Sep 2013 – Mar 2014
  • uGo Wallet: Architected mobile wallet using end to end encryption, SIM applets, NFC/RFID
  • XL Studio: Added automated project creation to prepopulate git repo with code base
Developer: Rogers Dec 2012 – Apr 2013
  • Rogers/FIDO My Account: Added new views for dynamically created interactive layouts
Full Stack Mobile Developer: Stuck On Inc. Nov 2012 – Current
  • ESL Helper: Solution/Software Architect, Managed team of 20 for services, content, design
  • Conference Demo: Video conference call demo with private and public chat rooms
  • Weather Demo: Weather app using 3rd party graphs, REST API, GPS and maps
  • Giofi: Solution Architect of Fashion app for client
  • Environment: Custom Jira, Github, HipChat, Automated uploads
Software Engineer / Team Lead: Zynga Inc. Jul 2011 – Oct 2012
  • Zynga Poker: Added features, bug fixes, eventually lead team
  • Words With Friends: Assisted with feature development
  • GDK: Implemented core library for game development, lead team for some components
  • Slots With Friends: Solo team for developing slots demo app
  • Solitaire: Built reusable library for card games
  • Reports: Profiled pages, optimized SQL calls, and added caching
Software Developer: Five Mobile Inc. (Acquired by Zynga) Jul 2010 – Jul 2011
  • Cineplex: Wrote UI for entire app
  • The Score: Added sports and maintained code base using cross platform design
Junior Software Developer: Cathexis Inc. (Became IDBlue Inc.) 2007 – 2008
  • ID Blue: Exposure to debugging from Oscilloscope to C, C++, C#, over Serial, Bluetooth, USB
  • Drivers: Wrote C++ drivers for communicating with device and marshaled it C#
  • Demos: Wrote Demos in C# and XaML for clients including Bill Gates
Programmer: Independant tasks 2000 – 2007
  • Web: Bio pages for university, restaurant menus, Tic Tac Toe game, Utils for work and school
  • Web POS: Wrote ASP POS for bridal rental company
  • Apps: Wrote C# app for Softball league for managing game data, attempted C# DirectX game
Education & Certifications
Bachelors: Memorial University of Newfoundland 2003 – 2007
  • Majors: Computer Science, Business Administration
  • Minors: Math, Psychology
  • Extracurricular: VP of Events at International Student Centre, working full-time
  • Graduation: Incomplete to pursue career opportunities and take care of family
Awards & Skills
TD ACT: Monthly recognition for going above and beyond Jan 2017
Imagine Cup: Ranked 16th in the world for Logic among students 2005
Robotics: Our team made it to nationals for building a robot 2001
Chess: 2nd Place provincially 2003
  • Math contest: 1st Place in Newfoundland (2002)
  • Pascal (Grade 9 Only): 1st Place provincially while in Grade 9 (2000)
  • Pascal (Grade 9 Only): 6th Place provincially while in Grade 8 (1999)
Rubix Cube: Can complete in 3 minutes average Current
Teaching Android: I was teaching a class of 10 in my spare time, mainly weekends 2019 – 2020
DVT: Been designing my own Architecture. Testing implementation now 2020 – Current
Walks: When it's warm I like to go for scenic walks Current
Do It Yourself:
  • King Bed: Built a custom bedframe with drawers, shelves, smart lights/speakers (2020)
  • Double Queen: Built a bedframe to fit 2 queen mattresses (2020)
  • Balcony: Built custom smart sofa set, tables, chairs to exact size of balcony (2020)
  • PC + Desk: Built desk with 12 4k monitors and top of the line dev system (2021)
Japanese: I've been learning Japanese on the side, but recently haven't had opportunity 2013 – Current
Side Projects:
  • ESL Helper: Built an app to help ESL student to come, live, study, and work (2015 – 2019)
  • PinPonPlus: Building an app for delivery and in-store menus (2019 – Current)
  • E-Shop: Building an app for assisting with in-store shopping (2018 – Current)
  • EasyNote: I made an app to make it easier to write and sort notes (2016 – 2018)
  • Health Watch: Worked with nurses to build my own app to see my health data (2018 – 2020)
  • Others: About 20 other ideas with some level of development, but less promising
Netflix: I find it a good way to clear my head